With the constant pressure to create new products, companies turn to dynamic cosmetic product formulation to stay relevant and even stand out as a brand. Any more, consumers demand products that are clean, safe, and high quality, all while making them look and feel good from the inside out.

There are many factors to take into consideration when making your own healthy cosmetic product formulation. 

Tips on Creating Your Own Cosmetic Formulation

There are many factors to take into consideration when making your own healthy cosmetic product formulation. Here are some!

Choose the Right Ingredients

You can look up a list of safe ingredients from the Cosmetic Ingredient Review. Your ingredients do not have to be approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration unless you have color additives. Nonetheless, your products must be safe and labelledaccurately. Choose ingredients that align with your company’s mission statement and goals. Double-check with your suppliers to ensure that your raw materials are what you say they are. You don’t want to end up with a “false or misleading advertising” charge. 

Make the Product Aesthetically Pleasing

Research has proven that cosmetic consumers want something beautiful to look at, a delight to hold, and a joy to smell. Sometimes, however, achieving the aesthetic effects requires using a harsh-selling ingredient. Easily solved. Adding natural chemicals can enhance or mask the smell of displeasing chemicals. The International Fragrance Association’s list of fragrances documents the safest natural chemicals. Moreover, you can color your products into beautiful shades by using natural plants such as pomegranates, turmeric, and beets. 

Also, make your product pleasant on opening to enhance the consumer experience. There is a big difference between quickly twisting a cap open versus struggling with prying the top off. Make it easy to get all of the actual product as well, by taking note of the shape of the bottle and dispenser. Do not let your precious products and its beneficial ingredients go to waste.

Include Clear Instructions on the Correct Use of the Cosmetic Product

Consumer misuse can give a good product a bad name. For instance, cleansers should be massaged onto your skin in circular motions, rinsed off thoroughly and patted dry with a clean face towel or washcloth. Putting cleanser on a washcloth reduces the ingredients that make the biggest difference in the skin. Many consumers also make the mistake of applying lotion to wet skin, diluting its potency. Clear use instructions allow your products to provide the superior experience you promise. 

Final Thoughts on Cosmetic Product Formulation

JBK Wellness Labs puts together a range of cosmetic product formulations for beauty and health companies. Share your vision with us and we’ll guide you on the ideal products to bring it to life. We work alongside you from start to finish to create cosmetics that are healthy, natural, and sustainable.

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