We design exclusive custom extracts and premixes rooted in Traditional Oriental Medicine for health and beauty care.

We use only the highest possible quality of all-natural and ethically wild-harvested herbs in our formulas to keep them simply natural and healthy.

Combine our extracts and premixes with many types of products and deliver an experience of nature’s healing and regenerative powers at work.

Where Our Formulas Are Used

Women's Health & Beauty

Men's Health & Beauty

Internal Supplements

Hair Care

Skin Care

Body Care

Detox Products

Slimming Products

Pain Relieving Products

Stress-Relieving Products

Pet Products

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Our Use of Adaptogens

To Help Acheive Complete Balance

By definition, adaptogens are substances that:

  1. Are entirely safe and have no negative side effects.

  2. Stimulate the body’s own self-regulation process and they increase the body’s non-specific resistance (ability to cope with external and internal stress).

  3. Normalize functions of the bodily systems, improving a wide variety of conditions and aggravating none.

According to research, adaptogens are unique from other substances in that they have the ability to balance our immune and endocrine systems and help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. Adaptogens work at the cellular level to improve the function and vitality of every cell in the body, thereby increasing the health of the entire organism.

For centuries adaptogens have been used to combat stress, mental and physical fatigue, and to minimize tissue damage resulting from free-radicals that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. Adaptogens are noted for having the broadest spectrum healing properties. They are protective and increase an individual’s resistance to chemical, physical and biological stresses.

A Few Beneficial Effects of Adaptogens

Antioxidant effects that inhibit free radicals from adversely affecting cell membranes
Ability to facilitate formation of proteins
Ability to help the body re-build damaged muscle tissue
Increased endurance
Increased availability of energy throughout the day
Reduction of stress feelings
Deep & restful sleep
Greater mental alertness
Significantly elevate recovery process after physical activity and illness